mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson is one of my favourite musician. If you didn't heard of him before I recommend ... everything of his immense discography.
His music saved me many times so I decided to do an illustration for him.
This drawing is devided in two ... On the left there's the black, the deep soul inside him. I wanted to create the labyrinth inside his head by all these black and tangled lines, that's the cold side of the steven's music. On the right there are the colours that warm up everything, beauty, creativity, nostalgia feelings, his heart. That's the warm side of his music.

I met him a few days ago in Milan and he said to me "wow it's so ethereal" and yes, yes it is.

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Isabella Latini - Illustrations & Comics

martedì 27 gennaio 2015


Ciao a tutti!

Vi comunico ufficialmente che LE COMMISSIONI SONO APERTE!! contattatemi pure privatamente se desiderate informazioni su ritratti o altri disegni, poi in base alle dimensioni del supporto e alla complessità/tecnica del lavoro concorderemo un prezzo. Non siate timidi.
Questo qua sotto è una delle commissioni su cui ho lavorato di recente... col permesso di chi me l'ha commissionato adesso potete vederlo finito. :)

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Now I'm here just to say....
!!!COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!  :) Please contact me if you need any information about my works (for example portraits or other kinds of drawings....) the price will be calculated according to the size, technique and difficulty of the work.
C'mon don't be shy. 

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